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Join our Facilitator Team

Are you interested in serving as a small group facilitator? Do you want to learn skills and strategies for helping all voices to be heard? Would you like to connect with others who are invested in proactive problem solving? Become a facilitator! The work of public engagement and deliberative dialogue is only as strong as its facilitators. Pittsfield Listens faciltiators are trained with NH Listens, and build experience by participaing in dialogues, serving as a recorder and co-facilitating a group. Anyone is welcome to become trained as a NH Listens facilitator. Upon completing a training, you have the opportunity to join a network of facilitators helping to assit in local, regional and statewide dialogues. We generally offer a small stipend to facilitators for community dialogues hosted by Pittsfield Listens.

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Share your Voice

The Community Connection Series is a monthy meeting hosted by Pittsfield Listens. Focuses have included: educational sessions; opportunities to learn more about the journey to Student Centered Learning at Pittsfield Middle High Schools; share feedback; action meetings; community dialogues; guest speakers and trainings.  Meetings are every second Thursday of the month from 6:15-7:30 at the Pittsfield Youth Workshop (5 Park St.), unless otherwise noted. Dinner provided. Childcare available upon request.

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Help Plan for Change

Participate in a short term Action Committee to help explore an area for improvement in Pittsfield and create a plan for change. The focus of an action committee is determined by common themes shared by participants in the Community Connection Series and in one to one interviews.  The goals of an Action Committee include:

  • Hear from community members on what their thoughts are on the issue. This information helps form the suggestions that the committee makes;
  • Examine existing structures and explore options for improvement in order to be more effective and accessible;
  • Explore new possibilities to implement in Pittsfield;
  • Create a report to share with communtity members and groups, including an action plan for next steps.

Action Committees bring together 8-12 community members to meet about five times over the course of two months; that's right- there is a known end to your committement!  Pittsifeld Listens plays a supportive role to implement the changes and suggestions, working with community members and groups to see the changes through.


Become a Member of our Youth Organizing Team

The Pittsfield Listens Youth Organizing & Action Committee (Y.O.A.C) is a youth driven group that focuses on building youth voice and leadership in Pittsfield.  The work is based on a belief that we can each participate in our communities to bring about positive social change.  Youth in grades 7th- 12th are welcome to join.  Meetings incorporate participatory, experiential activities. Snacks provided, fun guaranteed. Molly & Zach are present to help support the student facilitators.   Fall meetings begin again on Wednesday September 10th, 2015!  September meetings are every Wednesday from 3:30-5 pm at the Pittsfield Youth Workshop.  October and November meetings are every Thursday from 3:30-5 pm at PYW, unless otherwise noted.

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At Pittsfield Listens we engage a broad range of volunteers from high school students to community members and professions with skills in research, community organizing, technology and more. If you believe in this work and would like to join the team, please drop us a line and remember to include your interests and availability.

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