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Pittsfield Listens- new logo and website coming soon! The simple design represents our new streamlined structure and focus, and we hope you like it as much as we do.


Pittsfield Youth Voice is growing- apply for the Leadership Team today!

PL Youth Leadership training at The University of NH Durham, 2014








Are you a young person in Pittsfield interested and/or active in youth-driven change in the Pittsfield community and its schools? Apply today to join the Pittsfield Youth Voice Leadership Team!

Pittsfield Youth Voice encourages the power of youth voice on issues and policies that directly affect their education and their life in the town of Pittsfield, NH. We are a proud partner and committee of Pittsfield Listens & Pittsfield Youth Workshop.   
We have space for a few more youth leaders to join in leading the work of PYViiT for the August 2018- January 2019 term. Our goal is to have up to 10 youth leaders co-leading the planning and implementation of PYViiT.
  • Youth who have participated with Pittsfield Listens- as well as those who have not participated before- are encouraged to apply.

  • We will prioritize youth who are enrolled in grades 9-12 at the Pittsfield Middle High School for the 2018-2019 school year.

  • We strive for the makeup of the team to represent diverse perspectives and experiences. We will consider the following diversity criteria when making final decisions for the leadership team: academic and extracurricular interests, leadership in the community and/or school, gender identity, age, grade, class, and race.

There will be a small stipend for all youth participants.  Please see Youth Leadership Team Information here and Apply online here .

Please note: Applications are due Monday June 18th, 2018 at  5:00 PM. 

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Pittsfield Listens encourages the power of youth, parent, family, and community voice on issues and policies that directly affect their education and their life, with a specific focus on engaging those who have historically been underrepresented. We support emerging youth and adults leaders through education, training, and participatory leadership development so that students succeed in the Pittsfield schools and beyond.

VISION: All members of the Pittsfield community are empowered and engaged to help shape the future of the rural town we love.

ABOUT OUR WORK: We operate with the following four committees:

Pittsfield Youth Voice in it Together (PYViiT) encourages the power of youth voice on issues and policies that directly affect their education and their life in the town of Pittsfield, NH.  Since 2013, PYViiT has worked to shift the current power dynamics in the community and its schools.

Family & Community Engagement (FACE) encourages the power of historically marginalized parent and family voice on issues and policies in the Pittsfield Schools. Since 2015, FACE has worked to support student achievement and school improvement through a thriving Family-School Partnership.

The Futures Team of Pittsfield Listens worked to build a three year sustainability and growth plan for Pittsfield Listens. Since 2017, the Futures committee of Pittsfield Listens has been convening with staff, interns, students, parents and family members, school staff., and other community partners to envision the future of Pittsfield Listens, and to strengthen and grow the community-level results we want to achieve together.

The Civic Engagement Team brings together Pittsfield community members with different views to share ideas, get informed, and help shape the future of Pittsfield. How we work:

  • Bring people together from all walks of life.

  • Provide time for in-depth, informed conversations.

  • Respect differences as well as seek common ground.

  • Partner with local groups to create conversations among residents that are fair and lead to well-informed community.

  • Strengthen engagement in public life and decision making.

The Civic Engagement committee will never take a position on a particular issue. We are here to create the process that allows all residents to talk about the issues and share ideas—not to say what needs to happen or how to vote. We want to get people together to talk about what is happening in our town, without feeling any pressure or agenda.



Pittsfield Listens seeks to have internal processes that reflect the organization’s deep commitment to dialogue and equity, and a value of nothing about us, without us. The adoption and implementation of Dynamic Governance- also known as Sociocracy- has resulted in our organization to have more authentic practice of the egalitarian principles to best support shared leadership, decision-making and shared power, and has helped to build a structure for long term sustainability.  This governance structure provides a structured connection between the Pittsfield Listens committee level work- PYViiT, FACE, Futures Team, and Civics Committee, and our governance bodies- the Steering Committee and Board of Directors. It also creates a more clear connection to our partners at the local, state, and regional level.

Board of Directors: Courtney Butler Co-Treasurer, Jody Cunningham,  Michele Holt-Shannon Co-Treasurer, Jenny Wellington Board Chair, Stefne Ricci Vice Chair, Emily Thielmann Secretary.

Steering Committee: Abby Cote, Harrison Hill, Jody Cunningham, Tara Pinto.

Pittsfield Listens Staff: Amber Ricci, Mo Baxley, Molly Messenger.

Pittsfield Listens

Working together to make Pittsfield a great place for everyone to live, learn, work, and play


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