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Thank you for your nominations!

​Posted November 24, 2014

Thank you to all the community members who took pause and made a nomination as part of Pittsfield Community Impact Awards 2014!  We received many nominations across the 15 awards categories- a true testament to all the incredible individuals and groups in Pittsfield helping to make it a great place for everyone to live, learn, work, and play! We look forward to celebrating with you all and honoring the final awardees at the Awards Ceremony at 6 pm on December 11th at the Scenic Theatre (6 Depot St.), with dinner and celebration at Jitters Cafe to follow.



















Nextdoor Pittsfield

We love our neighbors! Our community is using a private online social network called Nextdoor Pittsfield, where we share events, items for sale/free, safety concerns, ideas, and more. Nextdoor helps you...

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Share local recommendations
  • Lend, borrow and give away
  • Keep the neighborhood safe
  • Stay informed

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Pittsfield Listens

How can all of us make Pittsfield a great place for everyone to live, learn, work and play?


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